Time to Talk to an Estate Planning Attorney

Time to Talk to an Estate Planning Attorney

Alright, gang reporting to you live from a non-descript location to get some final siding in between the phone room and the electric meter room. This is a not-so-fun one. Gang, if you own property, please do yourself a favor. Do your family a favor. Do your heirs a favor and at least sit down with an estate, or a planning attorney, to see if maybe setting up a trust is the right thing for you. Right? Never one size fits all. But the last thing you want to do is be in a situation like we’ve been helping a family through right now, where they are not only having to deal with the loss of their beloved one, but the patriarch also happened to be the quarterback of all the financial stuff.


And on top of that, had a little bit of contention with some of his siblings. And here the family is still months and months and months and months and months after the event, still dealing with all the bullshit fallout because they’re in probate with no end in sight. Meanwhile, the market shifted. So that fictitious make-believe money that was in the old market is no longer the case anymore.


So they’ve lost that, replaced with the new market. The headache and the stress are still there. And the lack of clarity is still there. The tension is still there. The infighting is still there. It’s a nightmare. Meanwhile, the Ducks opposed a deal that we just wrapped up where, yep, they lost a family member, too. But that family actually had a trust set up. And it was a typical real estate deal. You wouldn’t even know it was a trust and not be maybe for a document or two that was added, saying so in disclosure.


Gang, it’s night and day. So if you’re catching this message right now, and it is timely, this is the thing no one wants to talk about, right? But I can guarantee you that if I had a microphone, I was speaking on behalf of my family. No one would right now give anything to have their dad back. And right there, second in the line attached to the hip would be to have had trust in place and don’t have to deal with the nightmare that ensued after the nightmare. So old. PSA. Gang, I’ll find you. Well, tell them.

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