The GreenHouse Group is amazing! – Crystal M.’s Review

The GreenHouse Group is amazing! – Crystal M.’s Review

The GreenHouse Group is amazing!
I could go on and on about why I chose the word ‘amazing’ to describe this business but let me try to hit the most important points:1) Both Jesse and Dave (our real estate and financial partners in crime) were ALWAYS available to answer every single question we had throughout the process (including those questions I may have already asked a few hundred times but needed reassurance :)).  To reiterate ALWAYS, we were in a unique situation where a bid we had put read more » on a house was accepted after my fiancé was deployed on a ship overseas and email was our only means of communication.  Jesse and Dave had no problem outlining every situation we encountered via tons of lengthy emails to make sure my fiancé felt comfortable with every step in the process.  At no time did my fiancé feel out of the loop or unsure of what was going on.  Although I was communicating with my fiancé, Jesse and Dave, as the experts, took the time to explain in even greater detail every step in the process.  Such explanation included the decisions that needed to be made, the reasoning beyond every move, the repercussions of countless scenarios that may arise, and answering any further questions based on their explanation.  Incomparable personal service is an understatement!  

2) The knowledge of Jesse and Dave was both comforting and impressive.  Since there is no secret that buying a home can be a trying process, it is very refreshing to have an experienced and patient voice walking you through every situation.  As we approached each step in the home buying process, we felt prepared and supported solely because Jesse and Dave clearly communicated what to expect at each endeavor.  

3)  We trusted Jesse and Dave to help us navigate through one of the biggest decisions in our lives because they respected the criteria we were looking for in a home and they also took the time to get to know us as people.  Real estate is a business but at no time did we feel like Jesse and Dave were looking forward to the end result.  We felt secure in knowing Jesse and Dave were focused on our best interests and they proved this to be true over and over throughout our transaction.  

Lastly, there are many real estate professionals in San Diego but I doubt you will find a group of people that care as much as the GreenHouse Group does in your overall satisfaction.  From the initial consultation until you are enjoying your housewarming party in the home of your dreams, you will be smiling ear to ear knowing that you had an arsenal of knowledge and genuine support from the GreenHouse Group.

Good Luck!!

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