Should I Use A Real Estate Agent When Buying A House? Why?

So you don’t want to hire an agent because you don’t want to deal with another salesman?  I get it, but guess what?  Unless the Seller of a property wants to negotiate directly with you, using an agent is in your best interest.  Sure, not all agents are created equal, and while some are only looking out for their best interest, here are some sings of a good agent:  A good agent will always ask you what numbers you are comfortable with, what you want your monthly mortgage to look like and will never show you properties priced higher than what you’ve told him/her.  A good agent will help you narrow down your search by asking all of the right questions.  A good agent will make it all about you, your wants and needs not about how great of an agent he/she is.  A good agent will explain and guide you through the process and not expect you to just sit back until you have to sign.  So, why not hire someone who you trust, like, and just jive with?  Agents are supposed to provide a service, they do so much behind the scenes and when you are a buyer, it does not cost you a thing!!! So don’t do all of the work yourself, have the agent earn their money’s worth!  As real estate consultants, we have a fiduciary duty to you and only you!  We are here to negotiate, explain, and coordinate; however, the most important thing to consider when hiring an agent is how comfortable you are with that person and how much you trust them.  In the end, how comfortable you are with the home buying process depends on how comfortable you are with your agent.

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