Should I Get Pre-Approved Before Starting To Look For A House?

What’s up guys, here’s another informational video.  This one goes out to all of those people out there who do not want to get pre-approved before beginning their home search.  I know where you’re coming from!  I understand why you avoid this critical step, believe me, I was there many years ago when I bought my first home.  I didn’t want a total stranger knowing my financial business, and most of all, I was scared of getting swindled into a bad deal with a bad lender; but not getting pre-approved before beginning your serious home search is like going to a grocery store without a wallet.  Can you imagine?  Don’t be afraid to seek the advice of a lender, they are happy to assist with the hope that one day you will eventually use their services; this service is at no cost to you.  A pre-approval is in no way a loan commitment rather a tool that will allow you to shop with confidence.  The pre-approval amount is your purchase power, and the pre-approval letter is proof to all home sellers that you are a serious buyer who is willing, able, and prepared.  So, what kind of buyer do you want to be? Would you like to know about today’s rates?  Would you like a list of required paperwork for pre-approval?  Shoot me a line or give me a call at 858.381.2126 or shoot me a line at   I’d be happy to give you a list of lenders I know and trust.  Till next time and happy house hunting =)

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