Season 3 Reflections

Season 3 Reflections

Season three. Season three. Reflection. Reflection. What’s coming up for me is a couple of things.


First of all, I had great success in bookending my day with routine and ritual. I feel like I finally got that locked in and the provident wind that blows through all the rest of the things that are kind of tied to that brother. Like no judgment about being 45 and just finally getting around to that, but feeling really grateful that 45 and I’m just getting around to that. So that’s a big insight. Building on that, carrying forward to season four.


Yeah, there’s a couple of things that I’m afraid of and I think it has to be do with protecting myself from failure, barricading myself with this little insulated thing of not failing. And there’s a big move, there’s a big like a shedding that’s going to go down and I’m ready for it now and I haven’t been ready for it up at this point. So leaning into that for season four.

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