San Diego Real Estate Update: November 2023

San Diego Real Estate Update: November 2023

Hey San Diego, it’s Jesse Ibanez and Jeremy Beck from the Greenhouse Group, back with your November real estate update.


Let’s dive into the numbers and have a little fun!

1. Home Prices: Word association game – Jesse challenges Jeremy with “up or down.” Jesse drops the bomb about home prices slightly down, but the median price still at a jaw-dropping $1.299 million in San Diego County.

2. Mortgage Rates: Rates talk – Jeremy spills the beans on the wholesale side, mid-sevens now, giving hope for a less moody market.

3. Rental Market: Rent revelation – despite some areas going up, the overall rent in San Diego County is slightly down. The shocker: $4,000 median rent for the county!

4. Market Outlook and Creativity: Jesse gets real about the market’s longevity, maybe a year or more. A call to get creative with real estate moves now, rather than waiting for the perfect moment.

5. Financial Creativity: Jeremy shares insights into creative financing, highlighting the graduated payment program for easing into the market.

6. Thanksgiving Wishes: The Green team wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a fantastic holiday season.

7. Home Buyer Workshop: The struggle bus talk – introducing the Greenhouse Group’s six-step process and workshop. A promise of a great home-buying experience backed by industry-leading guarantees. The workshop covers not just real estate but also crucial money matters.

Thanks for hanging out with us, San Diego! Like, subscribe, and we’ll catch you next month with more real talk. Wishing you a fantastic Thanksgiving and happy home hunting! 🍁🏡

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