Meet Lori💚⁣⁣

Meet Lori💚⁣⁣

Lori is the anchor, the center point the heart and soul of the Greenteam.⁣
People who are “behind the scenes“ get unsung as the heroes all too often. When anybody walls-in of any organization know that Team Captains like Lori as the essential ingredients to the success recipient – they kick ass so that the people upfront stage can remain in their unique ability. They are the difference that make the difference. We can track with certainty the impact and influence that Lori has had on this greenhouse group’s growth from the day she arrived till the day she made this silly BGTKYB video (and will continue to through many more videos before her time here is done, we’re sure).⁣

Ladies and gentlemen: Meet Lori 💚⁣


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