Kimberly & Michael’s Story of “Home”

Kimberly & Michael’s Story of “Home”

Kimberly & Michael Celebration | The GreenHouse GroupLearn how Kimberly & Michael’s Story of home led them to Jesse Ibanez and The GreenHouse Group!

Kimberly & Michael got what they deserved.  And it could happen to you next!


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Kimberly & Michaels’s Story of “Home”

How Could This Have Happened?

Once upon a time … There lived a beautiful family named “The Barbers.”  There was little Michael & Matthew and little Molly came too, and then news of a 4th they knew their little apartment just wouldn’t do.

Every day while time passed they dreamed of a much larger place, where the boys could run free and the girls could have their own “girl time” space.

One day, while driving around their favorite neighborhood, they happened upon a sign in front:  home for sale — IT looked good.

Because of that they had questions – complicated ones like, will our offer suffice: to more basic ones like: wait – we don’t even know the stinkin’ price?–>


Because of that a quick search for high marks landed them with me, I answered their call quick  “This is Jesse?”  oh my mistake I must’ve dialed my lender by mistake – I’m sorry Jesse T. – No apology necessary I know Jesse T – but this is Jesse Ibanez from the GHG.

Then we got a plan together which required plenty of room to bend, 10 months of negotiations to be exact – we all thought it would never end.

Until finally the day came when we met up at their castle again, new baby in hand === and their new life to begin.

And that’s what we do:  we help move people with purpose, by helping write their personal stories of “home.” – Jesse Ibañez

Huddling Up & Coming Up w/ the Plan on Day 1.

After a long journey, the day for KEYS finally came!

Celebration Day Complete! =1st day of the rest of their lives!

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