Is it stupid to buy right now? [Real Estate]

Is it stupid to buy right now? [Real Estate]

Hey, this is Brian. I was wondering, with rates and prices the way they are, is it stupid to buy right now?⁣

This is a great one for Stump The Chump, gang.  There’s a ton of different options is available. I can think of a million program things to talk about right now, but most importantly are probably most impactful as the 2-1 Buy Down really quickly, your rate is down 2% below market for the first year, 1% below market for the next year, and then you’re back to normal after that. So a great way to even out the cost expense and you pay for it upfront advance, which is actually the part right now which is so exciting.


The real estate side we can actually negotiate. Might sound underly or overly novel, but gang price? Are you kidding me? How about lying down the street of 15 different offers, you might be the only one holding core with the seller at that point. You can negotiate time, you can negotiate terms, and most importantly for what he was saying, closing costs are back on the table to be able to pay for the buy down. So it’s interesting, it’s nuanced. But Gang, there are winners in every market right now.⁣

So if you’re looking to do something for yourself or get an investment property, it’s a fun conversation to have.


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