I just LOVE getting emails like this …

I just LOVE getting emails like this …

This one is a day maker from one of our newest clients, Bruce:


“Jesse: Dude! You rock.
Hope all is well, and it was a good weekend. Cheryl and I are still unpacking. It has been slow and we have both been working full time, but just this weekend we got to park the cars in the garage. Yes, it feels good! We love the new house and I still owe you a portion of the next batch of beer.”
-Thanks Bruce! and I’ll take you up on the homemade beer anytime 🙂 #MoveUpBuyers


Discover what Bruce did when he came in for his initial consultation: Sell your current home, for less than what you thought = yes.  BUT, trade up for a larger, more spacious home for MUCH less than the loss you took to get out of your smaller one!  I love that thought.  Who is the next person you know who would love to own a bigger home and pay half of what it was worth in the peak?  Jesse@GreenMeansGrow.com

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