Harlem Globetrotters Are In Town!

Harlem Globetrotters Are In Town!

hgTHE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS=CLASSIC. I grew up watching and loving the Harlem Globetrotters.   I remember being in the backyard imagining that I was pulling off all their sweet moves and then obviously finishing it with a “slam dunk” just like they always did.   So when I saw that they would be at the Valley View Casino Center this Friday night @7, I knew I should share it with you because if you’re trying to plan a family event for this weekend, I think this would be perfect! It really is the perfect event for the family, its not only entertaining for them but YOU will enjoy it as well.  It’s a fantastic show that is very interactive with the audience, the kids will feel like they’re putting on the show just for them. I know you’ll enjoy it so if you end up going let me know how it was for you.  Have some FAMILY fun OR you can send the kids with the babysitter because it is on Valentines Day.

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