GHG Client Story Episode 1 – Ellyn and Taylor

GHG Client Story Episode 1 – Ellyn and Taylor

Hold onto your hats, folks! This post is the fairy tale story we all need in our lives! Once upon a time, in the land of San Diego, there lived a newlywed couple named Ellyn and Taylor who were on a mission to find their dream home. They stumbled upon our website and decided to take a chance and message us about their mortgage and real estate options for first-time homebuyers. After hearing their story, we got right to work. We sat down, came up with a plan, and mapped out the area, which included their favorites and excluded some of the ones that they knew about.


Most importantly, they wanted a backyard for Wrigley, their furry friend. Let’s just say that Wrigley’s opinion mattered more than anything else. We took Ellyn and Taylor on our famous Big Bad Kickoff tour, where we checked out some cabins and homes. It wasn’t easy – we had to be quick on our feet and crack some codes to find the perfect home. But lo and behold, on their very first tour, we found the one! A fully renovated, detached single family home with a nice backyard and a spacious front yard on a Cul de sac.


And the best part? They acted on their gut and went for it! That’s the spirit! The journey wasn’t a cakewalk though. We were up against multiple offers, but we weren’t scared. We put together such an amazing offer that they accepted it outright without even a counter offer. And wait for it…we weren’t even the highest offer! But that’s not the end of the story. We were rewarded for our hard work with a pretty slick bottle of tequila, which may or may not have already been opened by Craig Sutliff and Jesse Ibañez. Oops! We can’t blame them – they deserved a little celebration after all that hard work. All in all, this fairy tale story is the epitome of what we do here. We make first-time home buyer dreams come true! Congrats to Ellyn and Taylor on their new home, and we can’t wait to see Wrigley’s wagging tail at our client appreciation parties!

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