Fun Facts and Real Estate Tips | Mission Beach

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Did you know that Mission Beach is the most densely developed residential community in San Diego with 36 dwelling units per acre. As well it has the smallest lots in the city at 1,250sqft.
The average price of a home in San Diego has gone up $40,000 in one year. In 2016 the average price was $495,00 now in November 2017 the average price of a home sold is $535,000. The rising prices in San Diego is a daunting concept for new home buyers to tackle. Then add on the additional density we are seeing with new construction and renovations, we are paying more and getting less everyday. BUT there are a few pockets in San Diego where we are starting to see a leveling off of prices. Having the right strategy and a clearly defined game plan is the key to becoming a successful home buyer in this market.
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