Friday (Not So)Funnies: “Move (anywhere) But West Young Man”

Friday (Not So)Funnies: “Move (anywhere) But West Young Man”

The guys over at do the best job at coming up with these fancy maps and graphs..this one being no different.  T curiosity here, for me anyway, is in the disparate economies of California and NY when juxtaposed to the rest of the country.  Here’s why: when times are rough, folks will do what it takes with what they got where they’re at.  And when it’s reveled that they just can’t make it happen “where they’re at”, they move.  And the folks that are doing that more than anywhere else are the ones coming from California and NY where the cost of living is not jiving with the income levels.  These same folks are running to places like the Lone Star State where they can get in a new crib cheap.  Check it out:

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