Finding The Perfect Home. Tips For Buying A House.

Have you ever stepped into a house that had all of the features you were looking for, the granite counter tops, bamboo floors, energy efficient solar panels, pool, etc., but still found yourself saying, “…it just doesn’t feel right”?  There are 14 key reasons why people buy a property.  It could be due to aesthetics-how it looks-,security, privacy, convenience, etc.  While it is a great idea to create a list of search criteria you are looking for, it is an even better idea to dig a little deeper and know the WHY.  Here at The GreenHouse Group we listen closely to your wants and needs and develop a strategy to make your home search less stressful and more efficient.  So, don’t just focus on what you’re looking for but more on why you are looking for it.  For more information or to get started on your game plan, contact me at 858.381.2621 or at

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