Essential Power Productivity Tool #4: See-Through Vision

Essential Power Productivity Tool #4: See-Through Vision

imagesThis concept is one of my favorites. What the most successful people in all walks of life have mastered is something I like to call See-Through Vision.  It’s actually a skill we learn as kids: the ability to see thing through the eyes of other people.  There is an exercise in the book Irrational Exuberance that describes a three-year-old kid sitting in a classroom. The teacher comes in and empties a box of crayons in front of the kid and puts candy in the box.  Then an adult walks into the room and the teacher says to the three-year-old, “What do you think you’re that adult thinks is in the box?   “The child says, “They think there is candy in there.” The experiment is then repeated with a five-year-old.  The adult walks in and the teacher asks the five-year-old, “What do you think that adult thinks is in the box?”  The five-year-old answers “crayons”. Something happens between the ages of three and five where children gain the ability to see the world through other peoples’ eyes. You see, when the three-year-old is asked what the adult thinks is in the box they say candy because they can only see the world through their own eyes. Even though they are the only!  Ones who saw the candy being put in the box they assume the adult would see the candy too.  The five-year-old says crayons because they are seeing the world through the adult’s eyes. They know the adult did not see the candy being put in the box.

The key point is that the root of most problems in busi- ness and relationships is being unable to get a point of view from the other person’s perspective.  I don’t care how advanced you are in your awareness and your consciousness — one of the most difficult things is to get out of your own stuff and into another person’s stuff to see the situation from their eyes.  That’s why I call this Productivity Tool See-Through Vision. It’s the ability to see the world through the other person’s eyes. The more you practice it, the fewer problems you will create. And the fewer problems you create the more productive you can be. And that is very exciting. Click here to see The GreenHouse Group’s Mastery of See-Through Vision.  Click here for another example.

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