Ellen & Bryan Barletto’s Yelp Review of The GreenHouse Group

Ellen & Bryan Barletto’s Yelp Review of The GreenHouse Group

What can I say? Words cannot describe the gratitude I have towards these guys. I came into the home buying process with a bad impression of REALTOR and mortgage brokers. I was cynical, skeptical, and felt burned (by a previous attempt at getting the home buying process started). My level of trust on the trust meter was nill. For some reason, there was still an inkling of ambition to move forward with the process. I took my coworkers referral and called the GHG. From the moment I walked into their office, I knew it was the right fit. Perhaps it was already written in the stars that I was suppose to work with these guys.

The GHG is not like your regular real estate company. They have taken those principles of the traditional firm and have thrown them in the trash. The traditional real estate principles have been replaced by the idea that the clients in their current portfolio are king.   Rather than speeding the majority of their days trying to find new business, they focus on the clients they already have.. As an “attention whore” from time to time, I can tell you that these guys were here no matter what – whether it would be a simple question, a quick hi, or a hour long conversation about the VA loan process.

Jesse (real estate side of things) is smart, ambitious, impressionable, compassionate, and knowledgeable. He is experienced (certified distressed property expert) with the short-sale and foreclosure markets, so he can offer up great advice to those who need it. As a first time homebuyer, the learning curve is steep. I was grateful to have Jesse there to guide me down the darkly lit path.  He never guided me astray!

Jeremy is equally knowledgeable on the finance side of things. He worked on the VA loan for the townhouse. The VA home loan process is extremely convoluted, frustrating, and time consuming. I am convinced that without a person of Jeremy’s knowledge on this subject matter, the deal with the townhouse very well could have fallen through.

So in my 100% honest opinion – I love these guys to pieces and I would be doing the world a disservice if I kept them a secret! YOU would be doing yourself a disservice if you decided not to “go green”. :)”

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