Do i still have to be delinquent? | 10 Short Sale Myths

Do i still have to be delinquent? | 10 Short Sale Myths

“I Am A Business Card Guy!”
What a great email from our newest First Time Home Buyer:
“Jesse, I appreciate your help and you guy’s have been truly amazing. I am so thankful that I found you and happy that I came in to discuss what you had to offer. It has been more than I expected!
I have already been raving about you to everyone I know. I have passed out
three of the cards that you gave me at the plumbing inspection; I guess the
answer to your question is yes, I am a business card guy!
I hope to talk to you soon and look forward to it.
It’s working with people like this which is why we love what we do – It makes even the hard days still fun. -Jesse


Short Sale’s produce the worst client comments
Got this one from another client today who just got their approval letter yesterday:

“We are so stoked, guys! I love you all so much!! I really mean it :).

We will never forget what an incredible blessing you all have been in the
trialsom period we went through. When all seemed lost, God put you in our
lives and gave us hope. I consider you true friends!

Thanks for working with us on the closing date to. You guys (and gals) rock!”


File this one under #whyIloveWhatIdo.

Jesse Ibanez

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