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  • [FOR SALE NORTH BONITA HILLS] HD Walk-Thru of 6202 Chadwick Ave. SD CA 92139

      North Bonita Hills   6202 Chadwick Ave San Diego, CA 92139     Saturday August 16th 12pm – 2:30pm   Click below for photos, price, description & more!      

  • Jesse’s Hot Picks of the Week “South Bay”

    Hot Picks of the Week “South Bay” Chula Vista, CA | Jesse Ibanez f/ The GreenHouse Group.  Check out this list of 5 homes in the 650-750k range that we saw this first weekend of 2014.  There were some really nicely updated homes, and, there were some cribs that just fell flat. Here’s a copy of the MLS sheets and my notes: HOT PICKS_SOUTH BAY_1_4_14 Here’s a way to schedule your own tour: eMail me   Jesse Ibanez 858-863-

  • Carmen’s Top Picks: Homes for Sale in Chula Vista

     Another installment of my Top Picks for this week! The four homes I’ve chosen for this week are all located in Chula Vista, west of the 125, and offer great neighborhoods, large square footage, and some impressive back yards. The layouts are somewhat similar but the characters ranges from stock kitchen and bathrooms, to upgrades including granite islands in the kitchen, bay windows, and a backyard that is so dialed, you would without a doubt, throw the party of the year! And this one even includes Solar Panels, for you Greenies out there! Take a look at the home details by clicking below, and if interest, shoot me an email or give me a call! For further details on each home plus my notes, click here: Hot Picks 2 – Chula Vista Until next week, Carmen Harris  

  • Hot Picks of the Week :: South Bay, San Diego [Chula Vista]

    Ok crew, Here’s the Hot Picks of the Week for South Bay San Diego, Chula Vista. There are 5 homes on the docket today.  Looks like things are beginning to get more homeostatic in South Bay a bit faster than some other parts of the county. There are some good homes for sale in the neighborhood that are still ACTIVE after a bit of market time. This is encouraging for buyers as we can pace ourselves a bit without the frenetic “ALL OFFERS HAVE TO BE IN BY 5:00PM ON THE FIRST DAY” nonsense we’ve been working with for the last year. The one on ENERO CT was my favorite for this tour. Perched up on a little hill with a great view and remodeled – it just needs some work to the kitchen (island) and make the rest your own. HotPicks_South Bay_11_9 If you want to schedule a personal tour of your own favorite 5 – then click here. Jesse Ibanez 858-863-

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