#AskJesseHow Show | Home Buyer & Home Seller FAQ’s | Episode 5

#AskJesseHow Show | Home Buyer & Home Seller FAQ’s | Episode 5

FAQSHOW#AskJesseHow Show | Home Buyer & Home Seller FAQ’s | Episode 5


This episode we talk about How to navigate a sell then buy transaction? How is my home going to be marketed when I list it (BONUS: the best question to ask during the interviews of different agents)? How do I successfully negotiate my first time home buyer purchase?


Need your help here.

First off, I’m looking for some feedback to see how I can make this series work best for you. Suggestions, format, etc. Thank you in advance for that.

Secondly, I’m looking for some questions for our next show. I’d prefer they come from you, our immediate crew, versus “the internets.” Use this post, use twitter, use facebook, use instagram … which ever platform works best for you, by simply using the hashtags #FTHB (for first time home buyer) or #FTHS (for first time home seller) #FAQ’s (for frequently asked questions). Others that will work: #homebuyers #homesellers

Looking forward to this being a cool tool for both of us: you to get some good questions answered and our opportunity to swim a little further upstream and meet you where youre at.

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