3 Lessons Learned From The People Vs OJ

3 Lessons Learned From The People Vs OJ

We have a very special episode this week with Kevin Cadora, owner of Fair Cadora APC! This week we’re talking about what we’ve learned from the new hit show, The People Vs. Oj Simpson! Kevin is a family attorney who knows the in’s and out’s of domestic violence and family law and he has graced us with his presence to discuss the 3 things we have learned from watching the new TV show.

  1. 1) Showmanship
    1. Showmanship is one of the most important tools in an attorneys arsenal. When you are in front of a jury, you are acting in your clients favor. Your goal is to bend the truth to your will to convince the jury of someones innocence or guilt.
  2. 2) What You Know Vs. What You Can Prove
    1. Just because you believe in your heart that someone has done something bad does not mean that will win in court. All the court cares about is real evidence. This is why so many domestic violence cases don’t go anywhere because it is typically he said, she said. The only way to win a case is to have hard evidence (i.e. testimonies, videos, pictures, etc.). Without this you will surely lose your case.
  3. 3) Money Buys Justice
    1. In this world, money buys justice just as shown in the OJ Simpson trial. As Kevin explains, if this were some regular person he would have been quickly convicted of the murders. However, because he could hire the best attorneys out there along with his social status, he was able to delay the trial until he was able to prove himself guilty.

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