10 Simple & Affordable Tips To Get Your Home Sold

10 Simple & Affordable Tips To Get Your Home Sold

The GreenHouse Group KitchenBelieve it or not, there has been times when I enter a seller’s home to take photos, it looks as if I just walked into the aftermath of all night party. If you are looking to sell your home, these 10 tips can help you get your home sold fast. Some of them may seem like common sense, but a lot of times you just forget about the little details that sold you on your home in the first place. When we see our own home day in and day out, we tend to stop noticing the clutter, scuff marks or personal touches that have accumulated over the years. These tips will help showcase your home in it’s best light and make it more appealing to the masses.

Christine Vasquez
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  • Carmen Harris
    Posted at 3:05 pm, March 19, 2014

    Good stuff Christine, even for those of us who aren’t ready to sell – still good tips for upkeep of our homes, thanks!

  • David Hughson
    Posted at 4:09 pm, March 19, 2014

    I like #4 – Look Down – One of the first things they’ll notice is the condition of the floor. Clean floors in good condition mean you can count on the rest of the house being in good shape. Stained carpets, raggedy rugs and scratched floors are fairly easy fixes and floors in bad condition are nasty.

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