Why Do I CHOOSE To Specialize In Short Sales?

Why Do I CHOOSE To Specialize In Short Sales?

This is why I specialize in Short Sales. No other type of client shows THIS much gratitude after receiving good news:

“Jesse, You’ve absolutely made my year!!! I’m saving the voicemail so Chris can hear it too. I have a great picture to share with you guys, actually for the whole Green house team. It’s my “view from the kitchen” you and I were talking about. Ironic how the timing of that view is in sync with this news.
Mahalo much!”
 – Thanks Matt

Receiving Short Sale approvals from both banks on the same day, allowing this couple to achieve their fresh start, makes the last 4 months of hard work and tribulation soooo worth it.  Who’s the person you know who would appreciate working with a team to get the most difficult of goals accomplished on time, safely?  Perhaps you’d feel comfortable introducing them to us. Jesse@GreenMeansGrow.com

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