Truth Radio: Episode 82 | Alejandra Rodriguez & Joel Incorvaia

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Truth Radio | Alejandra Rodriguez on Leaving A Legacy & Joel Incorvaia on Bad Fences & Good Neighbors | Episode 82

This week we have two powerhouses on the show! We have Alejandra Rodriguez, owner of Rodriguez Law Offices to discuss Estate Planning, then we have Joel Incorvaia, owner of Incorvaia & Associates to talk about real estate law.

First we talk to Alejandra Rodriguez about the importance of leaving a legacy. When she talks about this she doesn’t just mean leaving your family money. She means leaving them something special to remember you by whether that be things you wish they knew if you were to die now or anything else. Her strategy as she likes to call it is “The Legacy Interview”. This is where she sets up a camera and gives her clients a series of questions to answer or if they like they can feel free to create their own. This is your chance to tell your family anything you want them to know such as financial advice, family recipes, anything you want to leave with your family after your gone.

Then we talk with Joel Incorvaia about the complexities of real estate law and neighbor disputes. People like to consider their home their castle and will do anything to protect, sometimes even bad things. Joel tells an intense story about 2 neighbors who were constantly arguing about shrubs in the yard and one day the neighbor who didn’t want them their went to confront his neighbor and as he walks towards him the man pulls out a gun and kills him claiming he was “threatened”. Thank god this man was eventually prosecuted but it shows the lengths people will go to protect their homes even if theres no need to protect it. This innocent man was killed over shrubs and shows us all that you should always sit down and talk with your neighbors before things get out of control!


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