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    Hey Tribe, [I haven’t been doing this long enough to do an entire expose on the industry of real estate, but I have been doing this long enough to see several iterations already arrive & come to pass.  I believe this one is going to be different.  I believe this one is going to leave its indelible mark,  But, I also believe that when most people are thinking and talking and using this current iteration in its nascency, they’re getting it wrong, again.  Here’s a quick note to make sure that my tribe, that’s you, is among the minority who gets it right.] It seems the older I get, the more I’m amused by the fact that: while very little ever seems to change on the marco-level, a ton of things are constantly changing on the micro.  Add to that, we always seem to repeat these cycles of history and yet allow ourselves to be completely taken away by them, when they do.  Its like watching the movie Momento from 2000, except then, Momento’ing ourselves to the storyline every morning when we wake up and feel compelled to go watch the movie, again ;). Here’s where history seems to be repeating itself in the current RE game, and why you need to recognize this pattern to protect your own booties .. But also why this one is going to be

  • “How To Utilize The Contract To Affect Timing? How Does Your Agent Communicate? How Do I Price My Home?” #AskJesseHow Show | Episode 2

    #AskJesseHow Show | Home Buyer & Home Seller FAQ’s | Episode 2 This episode we talk about “How To Utilize The Contract To Affect Timing? How Does Your Agent Communicate? How Do I Price My Home?” Gang, Need your help here. First off, I’m looking for some feedback to see how I can make this series work best for you. Suggestions, format, etc. Thank you in advance for that. Secondly, I’m looking for some questions for our next show. I’d prefer they come from you, our immediate crew, versus “the internets.” Use this post, use twitter, use facebook, use instagram … which ever platform works best for you, by simply using the hashtags #FTHB (for first time home buyer) or #FTHS (for first time home seller) #FAQ’s (for frequently asked questions). Others that will work: #homebuyers #homesellers Looking forward to this being a cool tool for both of us: you to get some good questions answered and our opportunity to swim a little further upstream and meet you where youre at. On Your Team, Jesse

  • Hidden Secrets Lurking in this Beautiful Home?

    Hidden Secrets Lurking in this Beautiful Home? One of the most important steps in purchasing a home, is having a home inspection conducted.  Now, just what kind of home inspection do you need?  Well, the first step is to get a General Home Inspection.  A general home inspector will conduct a general inspection of 5 primary home features:  foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical and overall functioning systems of the home.  If the home inspector finds any deficiencies with these areas, he will typically recommend a more in-depth inspection by a specialist, such as a licensed plumber, electrician or foundation specialist.  This particular home, my clients were in contract to purchase, had some uneven floors that raised the concerns of these first time home buyers I was representing.  Where many agents might try to downplay the significance of any negative findings, the role of a true consultant is to leave no stone unturned and to make sure any concerns of their client(s) are addressed.  So in this case, we hired a foundation specialist to investigate the home further.  As it turned out, there were some minor corrections that were recommended, which we were able to negotiate with the sellers to have repaired.  Now my clients have complete confidence in the home, and that I will look out for their best interests. So if you are looking for a real estate agent that

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