“Real Estate Review 2016” Truth Radio w/ Jesse Ibañez, Jeremy Beck & Craig Sutliff | Ep. 100

Dec 19, 16 • Truth RadioNo Comments

The 2016 real estate campaign to buy or sell a home is complete.

A GREAT opportunity to take a look back to see what we learned, and what harbingers of truth we can carry forward for the 2017 campaign?

We’ll discuss:

  • RENTS looking back then forward
  • RATES looking back then forward
  • Affordability

If you are a buyer, now is a very good time to be talking about where you stand now with purchase power as the rates continue to ascend.

And, if you are a seller, now is still a great time to see what the last 3 sales on your street looked like to measure backwards on trends so you know what your options are.

Hit me up if youre curious about either (or sometimes, both),



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