How Many Times Can You Refinance?

How Many Times Can You Refinance?

How Many Times Can You Refinance? Well the truth is, as many times as you want. If you want to refinance every time the interest rates drop, for the most part, you can.

RefiI dove a little deeper into this question, to see what the reason behind this question might be, and the question in fact was not about refinancing, but more about credit. My good friend wanted to know if refinancing every time the rates went down if it would have a negative effect on your credit, like opening a credit card every time you got an offer. And the truth is this, every time you refinance, your credit is pulled, so if you’re doing a lot of shopping for that refi, then yeah, be careful cause if you keep having your credit pulled it will lower your score temporarily. But the real thing to look out for here is your goals with the home. Are you trying to pay the home off? Is a lower monthly payment more important than paying off your mortgage? These are couple of important things to consider before refinancing, because even if rates are good, if a refinance doesn’t align with your goals, it’s not worth pursuing.

If you’re wondering if a refinance is right for you e-mail me @, and I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to see if a refi is the right move for you.

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