Ken & Mona’s Celebration!

This is the final video of The GreenHouse Group’s Celebration of Ken & Mona’s home purchase: Mission Accomplished!

Who: Jesse Ibanez & Andrea Ibanez were the REALTORS & David Hughson was the Mortgage Planner.

Quip: Very few people ever come along your life with as much greatness as Ken and Mona. These two are truly cut from the mold of who you would want to surround yourself for a lifetime. Both so sweet, and kind, and loving, and intelligent, and hilariously funny! We had such a great time helping them buy this home in San Diego, CA, that we then helped them sell another one soon after. Here’s a little shot of their celebration day of the first day in their new home!

Jesse Ibanez, Helping make dreams of home ownership come true.



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