Jesses Secret Stash: Episode 39 | Jordan Bosstick

Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 39 | Jordan Bosstick on Volkalize

We got Jordan Bosstick, owner of Volkalize on the stash this week to have our very first political show! Jordan started a social media website right out of college to allow anyone to go on and discuss anything political and get non biased answers from their peers. The site strive to integrate politics with popular culture and they have done just that.

The website allows people to talk freely about their views and have legit discussions with other users. If this seems like something your interested in definitely check out Volkalize and watch this weeks episode to hear her and Jesse talk about minimum wage, ISIS, the 2016 presidential run and much more! We had a blast with her and I’m sure after watching this episode you’ll want to head over to her site and join the debate!

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