Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 22 | Ian Urtnowski on URT Clothing

Jesse’s Secret Stash: Episode 22 | Ian Urtnowski on URT Clothing

This week on Jesse’s Secret Stash we got on Ian Urtnowski, owner of URT Clothing! What is URT Clothing you may ask? It’s a San Diego local clothing & apparel company specializing in simple yet applicable clothing. Every shirt made by URT Clothing has a special print on the inside of the shirt to help out the wearer. The main URT shirt has a their logo, which is a sea lion, URT URT get it. But whats’s really cool is on the inside of the shirt it has a 6 month tide chart which helps anyone who is a water lover. It helps with surfing, fishing & even navy seals! He’s even got a shirt that helps fisherman by having the exact legal size of a California lobster on the front as well as directions on how to measure the lobster on the inside. Pretty cool stuff!

Ian’s main goal with URT Clothing was to make things that are simple yet useful and he has done just that. Check out the tide chart below to see what Im talking about. Plus, remember how I said he makes things for navy seals… He has a shirt that has the actual camp of Osama Bin Ladin on the inside with coordinates, measurements and all!! Make sure to hit up Ian  here or check out his website And remember to get your coupon below for 30% OFF any order by typing in “Stash” during checkout!!

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