Interest Rates & Real Estate

Interest Rates & Real Estate

Well, as they say, history has a way of repeating itself!  In my last blog post before the Fed raised interest rates, I had surmised that the Fed would raise the Federal Funds rate AND that mortgage rates would actually go down.  To see what was going to happen with mortgage rates after the Fed ultimately raised the federal funds rate, I simply look to the pas.  Having been through many of these before in my 20 years of doing mortgage loans, I determined there was a high likelihood of mortgage interest rates dropping, and that is what happened.  Mortgage interest rates even hit the lows that we haven’t seen since way back in 2012.  Now, this is not due, completely, to the Fed raising the federal funds rate, but more to macro economic events and the global economy.  If you want more information on the direction of interest rates and the effect on real estate and the housing market, please reach out to me and my information below.

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