For me, this is about being a heretic.

For me, this is about being a heretic.

For me this is about being a heretic.  Not accepting success as the stopping point, but, actually starting and creating something that matters.  A brand that people are passionate about and want to discuss.

This doesn’t happen by playing it safe.  You have to stir some stuff up.  Be willing to take a stand and draw a line.  Then become the heretic who defends that with his/her life.

Inspired by Seth Godin’s post today:

Being found vs. being sought

There are proven strategies that generic products can use so that they’re more likely to be stumbled upon by someone searching. Name your new book with all sorts of keywords in the title, for example, so it organically ranks higher for those very keywords…

The alternative is to create a product that earns a reputation sufficient that people choose to talk about it, choose to argue about it, choose to look for it. Not something like it, but it.

Nice to be found. Essential to be sought.

This was always a good idea, but in a post-search era of mobile and social, it’s now the best idea.

Jesse Ibanez


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