Episode 35 | Robert Robinson

Episode 35 | Robert Robinson

Episode 35 | Robert P. Robinson on Law Offices of Hickman & Robinson LLP

Robert P. Robinson, owner of Law Offices of Hickman & Robinson, comes onto the stash to talk about real estate & business law. Most people don’t even know that you want a lawyer during your buying/selling time but Robert has something different to say about that. He understands that a lot of real estate agents can buy/sell your home, but they don’t understand the fine print behind it all. So make sure to watch this episode and hear from him why it is so important to have him on your side.

Robert and his team also specialize in business law. He left our listeners with a very special stash coupon with a value of $1000 for COMPLETELY FREE! Robert will come to your business for a couple hours and really get down and dirty with everything about your business. He discusses how a lot of business owners don’t even know the true difference between independent contractors and full time employees. So if your one of these people, make sure to listen in and hear from the best in San Diego as to what you should do next with your business.

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