Congratulations to Jesse & Andrea!

Congratulations to Jesse & Andrea!

This week I have something very serious to talk about.   At the GreenHouse Group we live by the idea that our culture is everything.  The way we treat each other, help each other grow, and celebrate together allows us to become more together than we are individually.  That’s why it’s so exciting to celebrate the news of Jesse and Andrea having their first child.  A beautiful baby girl now adds yet another blessing to our lives.  As a parent myself I can appreciate what that will mean to them.  I honestly can’t wait to experience 2nd hand the diminished concentration due to a lack of sleep, the weakened sense of professionalism as your career takes a back seat to your family, and my favorite… the relentless onslaught of illnesses brought home by your child interacting with other super-gross kids.


Of course there is also the good stuff, but everybody else will tell you about that.  I just wanted you two to know that I love you enough to tell the truth.  I’ll never forget the words that David Hughson shared with me when I told him my wife was pregnant with our first daughter – “Oh man bummer!  Are you sure it’s yours?”   Yes Dave, she’s mine.  Although, now that my two daughters are older I can tell you there are times when you may think they might not be.  Oh, and one more thing.  Jesse since you have a daughter, and you will be the ultimate man in her life, I want to leave you with the sage advice of a parenting guru – please watch the following video  [youtube id=”tojBadSr2zI” mode=”thumbnail” align=”right”]

Jeremy Beck

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Probably not your parental role model

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