Coastal Commission With Sue Loftin

Coastal Commission With Sue Loftin

Sue Loftin on Coastal Commission


This week were talking about The Coastal Commission of California with Real Estate Lawyer & Litigator, Sue Loftin, owner of The Loftin Firm. Sue leaves us with some amazing information about how the Coastal Commission is run and all the faults it has. If you have a house near the coast I’m sure your being affected by this commission whether you know it or not. So make sure to contact Sue and find out how your being affected today! She was also kind enough to leave you with a link to the 5 Things To Consider If Your Property Is In The CA Coastal Zone.


After discussing the Coastal Commission, Sue tells us a big secret about dealing with lawyers. What Do You Do When Your Lawyer Says No?! Find out from Sue Loftin herself by tuning in to her segment HERE!


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5 Things To Consider If Your Property Is In The CA Coastal Zone

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