Our Buyers BluePrint … & why Seth Godin always has it right

Oct 10, 13 • How To Buy A HomeNo Comments


One of my heroes who happens to still be living, is Seth Godin.  You can read his most circulated blog at http://www.sethgodin.typepad.com.  He’s kind of a bid deal, because he’s kind of smart and kind or always right about most things marketing.

He t

BluePrint.  You can read about it here.ouched on something today which also happens to be the touchstone of our Buyers

I love this.

I love this because I know that most people don’t get this.

I love that most people don’t get this because it seems to play well in our favor.

I love it when it plays well in our favor because then I know our Buyers BluePrint is working.

I love when my clients are the benefactor of our Buyers BluePrint system.

I love my clients.


The End.


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