Who Are We & How Do We Plan To Help?

The Real Estate Consultants & Mortgage Planners @ your local GreenHouse Group believe that owning & investing in Real Estate shouldn’t be more complicated than a “game-like” strategy based on what is important to you. Remember the game Monopoly while growing up as kids?  Well, the same rules that applied then still apply now and will continue to do so in the relevant future.  If we could show you a simple formula around the Science of Selection and Negotiation grounded inPrudent Mortgage Planning, would you be interested?If so, we believe we can help you.  We are experts in managing change, and we practice this best when asked to help you:

  1. Consult, Negotiate and Oversee the Transactional Details when Purchasing a Home.
  2. Manage your Home Ownership Preservation Options and, if need be, Avoid Foreclosure & Sell Your Home on your way toward a “Fresh Start”.
  3. Secure a Mortgage with the end in mind utilizing it as the integral financial instrument (typically the largest & most important one we have) it is.  And not just as anecessary evil to buying, but rather to achieve your goals of home ownership far faster & much cheaper with Mortgage Planning.

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