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Whiteboard Smart Marker

Whiteboard Smart Marker The new Equil Smart Marker is the new revolutionary pen! It can capture whiteboard notes and stream them to computers and mobile devices via bluetooth. No more sitting in...

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How Waves Create Electricity

How Waves Create Electricity A trawler fishing boat of Norway is now able to harness the power of waves to create electricity! This boat has 4 compartments which us air pressure...

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Personal Robot

Robotbase "Personal Robot" Make sure to check out Robotbase's new Personal Robot!! This thing is the next step to us living in the future like all those scyfy movies. It uses...

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Audi Parks Itself!!

Audi Parks Itself & Picks You Up!! Audi has developed a new car that parks itself!! and I dont mean just guide you while you park your car. I mean you...

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The Ultimate Task Manager

The Ultimate Task Manager | Do It Tomorrow App If your like me, you need to see what you have done all day to feel accomplished with yourself. When I don't...

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