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  • The Value of Our Partners – an Interpretation of the Fed Press Release

    Another benefit of being a Broker is that we have resources beyond our own.  Our lender partners spend way more money than we ever would on things like legal research, program analysis and market predictions.  Here’s one such example of the value of our Partners – an interpretation of the Fed Press Release The Fed frequently publishes it’s discussion on the market and their likely pursuit of policy.  This is important because the policy actually dictates short term interest rates.  Additionally they are currently artificially keeping bond and long term rates low.  This directly affects our industry as well as the market at large.  In other words, what they say is pretty important.  The hard part is it’s nearly impossible for the layperson to figure out what they are actually saying. Check this out.  One of our Lender Partners has a legal / fiscal team that does an analysis of the Fed notes and does it in a cool way.  This is just another way in which we can continue to be valuable for you.  If you’d like to read it, I’ve embedded a portion of the text below. If you’d like to learn more about the what the insiders think about upcoming rates, or a full copy of this text, simply shoot me a quick email and let me know. Jeremy Beck Mortgage Planner Fed Mumbo Jumbo Interpretor –Here’s a portion of

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