Scott Van Vugt

Meet Scott.

Like many of our clients I found my way to the GreenHouse Group by way of referral from a friend who found them on Yelp. I had worked in the mortgage business in the mid 2000’s and felt a true disconnection due to the lack of personal interaction and connection with my clients. I decided to leave the real estate industry and turn my focus to a simpler, and more personal driven business. I worked for a number of years as a manager of a small surf shop in La Jolla. It was there that I found how much I truly enjoyed helping people.

Educating clients on the variety of products available to them by a number of determining factors such as price and experience level, I was able to properly equip anyone who stepped through the door. This was a great feeling, and I started to feel as if this kind of personal interaction and customer service could have a greater application. It was about that time a friend of mine introduced me to The GreenHouse Group.

My immediate reaction was, “No.” I had been in the business of real estate before and it did not leave the impression that it was a business that lent itself to integrity, honesty and customer relations. However I agreed to meet Jeremy and Jesse, and hear about their company. I am glad I did, because it turns out they had a similar experience to my own in the early 2000’s, and decided to start their own real estate and mortgage planning firm with a strong foundation in customer experience and personal relations.

It took a little while for me to be able to fully make the transition, but in the beginning of 2014, I left the surf industry behind, and came on board full time. I haven’t looked back. I have found a place where my devotion to customer service, my foundation in integrity, and my drive to help and educate people on what products suit them best, have found that greater application. I have switched from longboards to loans.


Better Get To Know Scott Better.

Nickname – Fat Ashton

Headline – Be grateful for where you are at in life, it could always be a little worse

When I’m not Mortgage planning – I’m probably at the Zoo

Last book I read – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vanerchuck

Favorite movie – Jurassic Park & Point Break (Garry Busey is a legend)

Last meal on Earth – A Double Double, Animal Style

Don’t tell anyone else but – I love “The Notebook”

First job – The Alexander Dog, Mascot to Alexander’s Pizza in Coronado

The GHG is – An investment in people. Employees and clients alike, we all strive to bring out the best in each


Super hero power – I can talk for hours straight about nothing and everything.