Renata Hamdan

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Better Get To Know Renata Better


Nickname: Renis, Enana, Munchkin, & Piri

Headline: Love many, trust few & always paddle your own canoe

When I am not Managing & Staging: I’m enjoying life alongside my better half & my dog, Ludo; Going to new restaurants, traveling & creating new experiences.. That or I’m glued to DYI Projects & Pinterest.

Last book I read: My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

Favorite movies: Keinohrhasen, Rocky 1-6, Walk The Line, Love Story, and Sound Of Music

Last meal on earth: Ceviche con Mango with a very cold Michelada(BlueFish, Los Cabos), Oysters & Mussels (from NYC) and a “life is Fresh” Martini(Olives, Las Vegas)… Yes, all at the same time 🙂

Don’t Tell Anyone Else But: That last question made me a little hungry … and .. every morning I pray it is 110 Degrees Fahrenheit outside

First Job: Washing my moms car & her ex-Boyfriends car (charged him $40.00/car)

GHG is: An unexpected opportunity which has become a life changing, learning & growing, experience.

Super Hero Power: I listen, observe, create, imagine, & problem-solve like no other.