How To Make The Move Easy On The Kids (& Pets)


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Whenever you move into a new home, there is a change in environment. This sudden change can cause discomfort to your kids and pets.


You must be thinking🤔 what can you do make the move as smooth as possible.


Don’t worry our team at The GreenHouse Group is here to provide you the solution to your problem. This discussion involves the personal experiences of the speakers and their approach to the whole situation.


Here are some key points which are discussed in the video and are important for every parent to consider, so, their kids feel good in the process.


1. Making the visits to the property in advance can be very helpful, showing them some of the cool stuff that they could expect like walking by the new school. This will surely give them a sense of excitement for the upcoming changes.


2. If you’ve little kids, especially babies, then you must ensure that their routine is not disturbed during the process. Babies thrive on routine, if it gets disturbed, it can be a big problem. The main focus should be to make the move as smooth as possible. For example – you can set up their bedroom and toys as soon as possible, so they don’t feel the change.


3. For a little older kids, one of the most critical things to keep in mind is how powerless the move is for kids. One suggestion is that in the process of move, try to give the kid as much responsibility as possible. If there are little moving projects that they can be leader of, give them those.


Give them that feeling of power in little nuanced things.

Having something new for the kids in the new home. That’s a good way to get your way kids excited about the new place you’re going to.


A good way to socialize is to find neighbors with kids and then try to introduce kids to each other. Having the ability to almost kind of introduce yourself to do this new environment is kind of a critical piece. Identifying where in your new neighborhood is kind of congregation deal and going there as the parent for the first couple of times to check out to make sure it’s safe.

Pets are very emotional beings, change can be difficult for them sometimes. You can make sure that they have their own space or things they like, this is not much but can be very helpful.


There can be points that we might have missed, if you’ve something to add or questions, contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you and your family.


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