Improving Your Current Loan – aka Refi

Meet the EasyRefi

We developed the idea for the EasyRefi to create a better process and overall experience for our clients.  In a survey of our clients we learned that most of their bad experiences with Banks and other lenders came from things like: long wait times, repeated document requests, poor communication, and unexpected fees.  So we set out to change that.  As you can tell from our reviews  it’s working!  Here are some ways the EasyRefi is changing the game:

* Optional Lender Credits to cover any/all Closing Costs
* You pay No Broker Fees, keeping closing costs low
* Quick Closings
* Extremely Competitive Rates
* 24/7 Loan Updates through your own Private Loan Communication Portal

And HOW do we do this?

* Many Wholesale Banking Relationships = Competition, Great Service, and Low Rates
* Use of Technology for communication, document delivery, and disclosure
* Company Commitment to the highest work ethics and client experience
* Access to every loan product out there

Ready to get started?

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