Lori Nelson

GreenTeam Captain

Better Get To Know Lori Better

Nickname:  Lorrissey

Headline:  I am one with the force and the force is within me. 

When I’m not Real Estate Consulting:  I’m caring for animals – mine, yours, the hobo/street/feral variety and any other wildlife – all the animals.  If I’m not doing that, I’m probably out walking, running or training. 

Last book I read:  Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.  Currently reading Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

Favorite movie:  This is a hard one for me to answer.  It depends on the day.  But it’s usually one of these: Citizen Kane, American Psycho, Heathers or A Streetcar Named Desire.

Last meal on Earth:  A giant burrito with ALL the salsa

Don’t tell anyone else but: I probably ate already, but I’ll eat again.  2nd dinner! 

First job: Choreographer – I got paid to come up with cheer dances.  I also worked at a skate shop, a hallmark and I cut lots of fruits and veggies in a kitchen. 

GHG is: fucking badass because not only do they allow me, their employee, the space and time to volunteer and do things that are super important to me (because it’s my own personal ethos that charity and volunteering are the meaning of life).  They also treat the clients the same way – giving them time and space to let us know what is truly important to them so we can help them achieve that.  Nothing feels better than being of service to that – to providing a home, peace, comfort, security to those in our community. 

Super hero power: My super hero power is probably – mindset and being.  Meaning that the true reward is in the doing and in the being – NOT the outcome, not the recognition, not the medal or accomplishment.  The reward is doing for the sake of doing.  Being grateful for the ability to do, to be.

Meet Lori

My love of real estate started at a very young age.  I was checking out house plan books from the public library to help me create my own floorplans for my barbies and dolls.  But I got my real start at the age of 18 working at an appraiser’s office.  After that, I worked as an escrow assistant and loan processor for a company that a young Jesse Ibanez and Jeremy Beck were also getting their start at.  We parted ways and fate drew us back together again.