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 These days many homeowners are finding themselves in some very unexpected situations. At the time of this writing, fully 12% of all mortgages are in foreclosure. While few things are comforting for the folks going through that tough space – what is important for you to know is that: You Are Not Alone. People all over are facing problems ranging from Adjusting Interest Rates to Mortgages far exceeding their home’s value. Fortunately nearly every problem you might be in has a potential solution. At the GreenHouse Group we’ve dedicated a large portion of our business to help those who need it. Below are the 3 most popular ways in which we do that:

  1. FREE 1HR Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Consulting & Advice for anyone who just wants to know: “what’s going on” &/or “what positive change they might be able to affect for themselves”.
  2. Interest Rate Adjustment (or Loan Modification)
  3. Moving On from the house with a “Fresh Start” (or Short Sale)

Because our professional purpose is to exist exactly where help is needed most, there is a structure for “Hope” one click away. Its called “Hope|Against|HOPE” is a Not-For-Profit Counseling Resource which holds FREE Home Ownership Preservation & Foreclosure Prevention Workshops. By definition, the expression Hope Against Hope paraphrased means “finding hope in the center of despondency…perhaps where you thought there was no possibility of hope to be had.” We know that there are many ways you can affect a positive change and it is our commitment to bring those to you in service.

There are 2 ways you can get the help you need: (1) If you are in the San Diego or Sacramento Areas, you can opt to attend in person – or – (2) anyone can attend from anywhere by utilizing the online-webinar workshops.

Attendees to either will receive a 45 minutes of instruction on how to:

  1. Realistic Financial Assessment
  2. Uncover what their Best Option Is
  3. Create a Workable Plan of Action to Affect a Solution

Attendees will also get a FREE 45-Page ToolKit packed with Industry Secrets, Worksheets, Checklists – everything to get them a “Fresh Start” and back on with their lives as they knew them.

Here’s a great Loan Modification Success Story:

Good morning Cherie & Jesse,

I wanted to share w/ you my good news.  Effective January, 2011 my request to have my home loan modified was approved and completed by BAC Home Loans.  I now have an affordable home loan payment that has allowed me to keep my home and will increase slightly through the end of my loan.  I wanted to share this good news w/ you both and to thank you for all the information you provided me at your Hope Against Hope Seminar I attended and the your continued support.  It was a long battle, but in the end well worth it.  I’ve since then passed on the information you provided me and shared my experiences to friends and co –workers that find themselves in the similar home loan situations.  Thank you!  Hope you both have a great day.

Kind regards, 


You can start by going there now, click the image below:


What Are Attendees Saying About the FREE Hope|Against|HOPE Workshops?