Erin Warrell

Client Care Manager

Better Get To Know Erin Better

Headline:  Embrace yourself, you are the only one of you.

When I’m not Real Estate Consulting:  I’m spending time with my pets, pet sitting, playing video games or reading.

Last book I read:  The Light of Days. It’s a book about women resistance fights in ghettos during World War 2 – great book if you are into historical fiction!

Favorite movie:  The Princess Bride and The Lion King

Last meal on Earth:  All of the shrimp and lobster available! I became allergic to shellfish when I was 22 and absolutely loved it before that so if it’s my last meal on Earth, I might as well go out with a bang!

Don’t tell anyone else but:  I didn’t lose my last baby tooth until I was 36.

First job: Lifeguard in a desert town where it regularly got over 120 during the summer. Pretty sure I was paid minimum wage at 16 years old to up my chances of skin cancer by 10 times but hey, it was a great first job!

GHG is:  my second family. At the end of the day, no matter what, I love each of every team member like my family. (That also means they sometimes get on my nerves the same way my own brother does but I still love them!)

Super hero power: My super hero power is leaving everyone wondering if I was joking or being serious.

Meet Erin

Raised in a town with a population of less than 13 thousand people, I’m a small-town girl at heart which is one of the many reasons I love San Diego! It may be a metropolis of California, but it flows at a normal pace. I purchased my first home with The GreenHouse Group in 2015 and a year later found myself as a new employee here! Throughout the years, I have unearthed a passion for helping people achieve one of the biggest goals of a lifetime – buying a home to make a life, build family, grow as an individual or if you are like me, a place to be a homebody with your favorite four-legged babies!