Danielle Rapozo-Fahy

Loan Officer

Better Get To Know Danielle Better

Nickname: Dani – Mamma D
Headline: If you really want it, write it down and share it with the world (mostly your loved ones)
When I’m not Mortgage Consulting: I’m an active mom of two charming and charismatic boys (2.5 & 4.5) and a wife to an amazing and funny husband. I love a great book, hot coffee (hard to come by these days), finding new restaurants, exercising to really get a good sweat on, most competitive sports and traveling anywhere close to a beach or running water is simply heaven to me!
Last book I read: Do Less – LOVED IT!!
Favorite movie: Weekend at Bernies 1
Last meal on Earth: Filet Mignon (med), crispy baked potato and grilled asparagus
Don’t tell anyone else but: I want to be a racecar driver when I grow up!
First job: Ran the private walkie talkie for the security guards at our local mall.
GHG is: a like-minded group of amazing real estate professionals that I have had the opportunity to join forces with. I have found and seen many dreams and aspirations all come to fruition with the support of each and every one of our team.
Super hero power: I have magic, healing hands.

Meet Danielle

HI there! And thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit.


With over 25 years in the industry on both the real estate and finance side, I have owned many properties – from owner occupied to investment, I have completed renovation flips—I have seen it all first-hand. This hands-on and practical experience and my love of this business allows me to support and guide my clients in all aspects of home or commercial acquisition.  My clients and colleagues call me a ‘mortgage miracle worker’ – and yes, I do LOVE trying to fit a square peg into a round hole 😉!  


My secondary passion is educating people about HOW to qualify for a loan and how to prepare for home ownership. I began educating primarily women on how they could buy a home on their own and has since evolved into first time home buyers, active military, investors and my specialty -Self-employed borrowers.


No matter your goal I am happy to help you see it through—single family home or commercial property, first time home-owner or investor, active duty or retired.