Andrea Ibanez | REALTOR, CNE, ABR, CTC, IBA

Meet Andrea.

Andrea (de la Concha-Hamdan de Ibanez) was born in Houston,Texas June, 30 1984. Lived in Mexico City until age six. Moved to San Diego at the same age and calls San Diego her home.  Raised in San Diego, with a Mexican, Lebanese, and German bloodline. English is her second language to Spanish and the third is German. She does not speak Lebanese (Arabic), but she makes up for it by cooking authentic food passed down by generations. Biggest obstacle in life so far was when she lived in Germany at the age of fifteen. She was forced to immerse into a German schooling system and lifestyle.

She is most grateful for the sacrifices their mom made, as a single mother of three speaking with a broken English, in order to bring her and her two younger siblings up in San Diego. While leading up to college the challenges she had to overcome for such a young person made her a very resilient person: money, relationships, family challenges, and culture shocks. She graduated with a bachelor degree in International Business Administration and minor in Psychology from AIU (San Diego).

Her GHG story: She met her husband, Jesse, through her former boss and his client…and the rest is history. She joined the GreenHouse Group and started and developed the transaction coordinating team for the GHG in 2009. She has received her license and holds multiple accreditations as an ABR (Agent Buyer Representative), CNE (Certified Negotiations Expert), CTC (Certified Transaction Coordinator), and REALTOR. She is now lead of the buyers team and will be only working with a hand full of clients and business administration, while she seeks to accomplish her lifelong dream of becoming a Lawyer in Real Estate. Her goal is to leave a legacy for the GHG alongside Jesse.

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Better Get To Know Andrea Better.

Nickname: Drea, Dre

Headline: “You never know what the future holds, all you can do is follow your gut and never stop moving forward.” – Andrea Ibanez

When I’m not a Real Estate Consultant: Ill be having a glass (or two) of red wine

Last life changing book I read: “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

Favorite Movie: My Best Friends Wedding with Julia Roberts

Last Meal on Earth: In Napa Valley with a bottle of red wine and heaping plate of Risotto.

Don’t tell anyone else but: I use to sail laser boats during the summers in Coronado.

First Job: at 16 assistant to the Ambassador of Mexico in Berlin, Germany

GHG is:  where there is a continuous learning and growth environment, and through which I am able to provide help to the people I care about. By doing this I am then allowed to give back to those in need, currently to FACE Foundation here in San Diego- provides grants to pet owners who dont have the money to pay for their deathly-ill pets to have a second chance at life, when they are faced with “put your dog down, or have an expensive surgery which would save their life”.

Super hero power: Unlimited Energy