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So you want to live in The South Bay?

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The South Bay represents a beautiful dichotomy that attracts many home buyers: One half is what makes up Chula Vista, part and parcel to the roots of San Diego’s most honest beginnings.  While the other half offers homeowners brand new developments in newest frontiers of San Diego County, like in the burgeoning Eastlake community.  Award winning schools, newer infrastructure, and big growth potential in up-and-coming neighborhoods attract many of our clients here annually.  While living in South Bay is the perfect fit for a good percentage of families we have helped over the years, what is most interesting to note is the process of actually buying a home here.  We often refer to buying in South Bay as the wild west, in that there seems to be a different set of rules which applies to getting a potential homebuyer’s offer from just that to actual seller acceptance.  It is the understanding of these never-before-published nuances that have allowed us to (by trial and error mind you) be so successful in getting our clients into the home they want in this uber-competitive real estate landscape.

Lets us share with you what nuances we are referring to when we sit down to discuss with you what it takes to buy a home in South Bay during our Initial Consultation, or, Huddle Up.

Let us help you buy a home in The South Bay, and we can start by looking for homes and lifestyle design in that area.  Ive already set up the search tool above with some areas that will help get you started:

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