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So you want to live in our beautiful North County?

North CountyI remember sitting in the sand of Moonlight beach.  It was still about 85 degrees out that hot summer night, the sun was going down over the water.  I was 18 year old and I was about to make a decision I would either regret or love for the rest of my life.  I was set to play college sports in my hometown up north that fall for the first semester of college, but after experiencing “how the other half lived” … I knew there was no chance.  My destiny was to move to San Diego and my life would never be the same.  As you can see, I have deep ties to North County and its robust ability to somehow converge seamlessly, the coventries of well manicured residential life with its own measured pace – different than that of its south county sibling.  The feeling of nostalgia sparks up during a cruise along the old highway 101 for a breakfast or lunch along the road.  Maybe its the pace fades as you pull up to your favorite surf spot, park right in front and paddle out with less competition for that wave.  Its the small things that draw the true appeal for North County living.  For some its the desire to have a little more home, a little more front and back yard, a little less densely populated and a little more of the sense of mature homeownership and responsible community life.

North County has it all, and if it’s this you seek, we have represented hundreds before you in this endeavor.  Allow us to show you what makes North County life so unique, what separates one community from the next, and link you up to the things which are important to you about living here.

Let us help you buy a home that’s in North County and we can start by looking for homes and lifestyle design in that area.  I’ve already set up the search tool above with some areas that will help get you started:

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